Bootstrapping - getting some boots to strap

A weekly log of my attempts to bootstrap myself - 4th post

A lot has happened since the last post on this series. Against all odds the portuguese football team won the Euro2016, their first international cup! Summer also hit us hard shortly after that, heavy migrations towards the south (algarve) and the "fire season" started, consuming the green portions of this rectangular land.

Amidst all of these events it became clear to me that i needed a backup plan in order to extend my window of development time for the project.

So during the month of July i took a one month course in how to teach and give formation and got a "certification of pedagogical competences" (aka teaching certification). This was a great time, i learned a lot, practiced a lot and read a lot about teaching and group interactions.

Now i only need to start practicing it in a way that does not harm the time I have to work on Are you in need of some coding lessons ? :)

In August

August is a very special month in portuguese culture. Nothing happens in august. Everything stops and services work in half speed (which in most cases is a synonym to stop).

Not me, i'm not a big fan of crowded beaches and hope to take the time to restart coding on (that almost stopped during july).

For this month of August my plan is to finish the menu system and start painting :D. I already finished the logo and loading animation. So stay tuned.

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