Bootstrapping - week 2

A weekly log of my attempts to bootstrap myself - 2nd week

Lisbon is in party, this year the anual city holiday is happening in sync with a national holiday.

This means the common Lisbon worker will get 4 days of paid holiday for free :)

The Lisbon party actually lasts for 2 whole weeks, where you can dance and sing a blend of new-age cheesy pop music. Most of the fun happens during the night.

In order to carry 3 extra days of holidays for the next week (this way i would be able to recover from sunday night) i decided to work for 7 days on my 2nd week (through the weekend).

Lisbon party sardine 2016

2nd Week

In the beginning of the week i opened a ticket to render a simple square grid on the canvas. This was supposed to be a simple task but it took me a bit to complete.

What would be a good way to render to canvas using react/redux ?

What would be a good data type for the paint app ?

How would it interact with the canvas and the react/redux logic ?

These questions made me start a new sub-project that i named "redux-canvas". It is yet another way to draw on the canvas using react/redux.

By the end of the week (sunday, 12) i did not yet had it finished or published, but stay tuned (subscribe please) because a more thorough blog post about all of this is on the way.

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