Bootstrapping - week 1

A weekly log of my attempts to bootstrap myself

Two months have passed since i quit my job with the plan of taking some time to develop a few ideas that have outgrown me enough to earn the respect of a full-time dedication.

This "Bootstrapping" post is the first in a series of posts about a quest to a sustainable monthly income.

To start i am going to do a painting web application. A simple web app to paint points in a canvas. I call it "".

1st Week

The week went about fine, in the first days i learned a bit more about JavaScript in order to understand if a framework would be necessary for

After some thinking, a bit of research and some rough implementations of what i thought would be the corner cases of it, i decided to pass the oportunity to use pure JavaScript and use react instead.

By the time of this writing i am living in the year 2016. That means the rest of the week was spent configuring a react/redux/immutable/webpack/mocha/selenium/babel/flow/eslint boilerplate repository for it.

By the end of the week i realized that the sun was shining outside and so i went for a walk in Lisbon to read a few chapters of the git book.

That was it.

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