Cleaning up for Shape The Pixel

Taking a look back into the work done for Grid Generator and rethinking how much of it will go into 'Shape The Pixel'. With this new product shift, the core technical parts are going to remain the same while a lot of things are going away.

Moving from Grid Generator into the first version of Shape The Pixel is going to involve the effort of cleaning and pruning the parts that are slightly outside of its intended focus of drawing shapes.

This implies product changes that will propagate into technical decisions.

What is going away?

Things that were done in Grid Generator and that are going to be removed in Shape The Pixel:

What is going to be new?

Things that are going to be new in Shape The Pixel:

The more things change...

Most things will remain the same, which means these will still work or will only carry small changes:

One more thing

Also, expect a couple of surprises on top of these to be announced here on this blog. Alongside a couple of posts detailing some of these points a bit more.

This is part of a new approach to a drawing tool that is going to be called Shape The Pixel. Read more about its initial creation ideas here. Send me an e-mail if you liked what you read or have any questions/suggestions 🤓


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