From Grid Generator to Shape The Pixel

The time has come to restart my previous bootstrapped drawing app into something different. In this new round it will resurface with a new name and very different development guidelines that disregard the common market/costumer analysis approach.

More than two years ago I was releasing my bootstrapped drawing application into the world, the "Grid Generator" web app. It was the labor of love and the search for a creative project where I could eventually dedicate a big part of my future life. However, a trip to the Web Summit in 2017 and countless books of lean/market-first approaches were not enough to save it from its fate. It was not a product or service that the market wanted. This did not surprised me, but yet it still consumed a lot of my energy and was a point stronger than my personal project vision for the most part.

Circumstances have taken me to a path where I can work on the drawing app again. Now I am going to give it a twist and turn it into something different. Just for fun.

The main idea will be the same: a geometric drawing tool. The objective and approach however will be very different. This time the driver points for the app development are going to be:

To top it the development is going to be done around a mascot character. This character will ultimately fulfill the role of an assistant (like Clippy but with personality). The app development and story are going to happen through it.

Meet Cliddy

Cliddy is a simple Web Component made with:

<cliddy-mascot face=":)" touched-face=":D">

It is time to Shape The Pixel.