Here is a full list of articles that I have written

  1. Introducing the <deno> tag

    After trying out Deno I got passionate about it. This post introduces my first Deno module, a simple preprocessor for HTML files that runs Deno where the new `<deno>` tag is specified. How useful can a simple file preprocessor be? What can it help build?

  2. Meet Evil Cliddy

    Virtual Assistants have become quite common benefactors. What if an assistant could be evil? How far would you be willing to interact or react to it? Will it degrade, enhance, or even define the user experience?

  3. The Zen of index.html

    Web development has become a very complex field with many branches and tools to master. In this article, I suggest doing the inverse and use just a simple `index.html` file to manage all of the web app development scripts and assets. This might seem radical but does it make life more complex than using all those front-end tools we have become accustomed to?

  4. Cleaning up for Shape The Pixel

    Taking a look back into the work done for Grid Generator and rethinking how much of it will go into 'Shape The Pixel'. With this new product shift, the core technical parts are going to remain the same while a lot of things are going away.

  5. From Grid Generator to Shape The Pixel

    The time has come to restart my previous bootstrapped drawing app into something different. In this new round it will resurface with a new name and very different development guidelines that disregard the common market/costumer analysis approach.